Supporting cancer treatment with traditional medicine

Medical and health information - 03/30/2023

Cancer appears more and more often and is getting younger because lifestyle and environment are changing in a negative direction. Early detection of cancer helps improve treatment effectiveness and prolong life.

Treatments using Modern Medicine are considered the first-line treatment for most types of cancer and have made great progress. . Combining Traditional Medicine (TCT) therapies such as herbs and acupuncture has been proven to bring many positive results, helping to improve the quality of life for cancer patients.</p >

Learn from the experience of combined traditional medicine treatment in supporting cancer treatment in Taiwan and based on clinical evidence, along with a team of doctors and nurses. Experienced experts have successfully treated many cancer patients. To meet the growing needs of patients, Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital – Campus 3 has deployed a Cancer Treatment Support Clinic to promote the strengths of combining Eastern and Western medicine in disease treatment. .

The combination of Traditional Medicine in supporting cancer treatment targets the following main goals:

🌸Supports the treatment of systemic manifestations in patients with cancer: malignant tumors, in addition to metastasis, can also cause many different disorders. Traditional medicine aims to improve the patient’s overall symptoms, thereby improving quality of life.

🌸Supports minimizing side effects, supporting the patient’s overall condition before – after chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery,… this is the strength of Traditional Medicine . Based on many studies as well as treatment experience from many places around the world, Traditional Medicine shows its role in improving side effects after treatment with modern medicine methods. This helps patients comply with treatment, while improving the patient’s quality of life.

To achieve optimal results by combining Traditional Medicine, patients need to go for examination and treatment at a medical facility with qualified doctors. Using traditional medicine methods improperly can lead to many undesirable consequences.

💐From April 3, 2023, the Cancer Treatment Support Clinic offers 50 free examination vouchers to patients and applies until the vouchers run out.

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